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2006 I first started programming in 8th grade. I toyed with visual basic barely scratching the surface of programming learning about flow control and variables. I would build simple projects like a calculator, but hey, it had a GUI!

2014 After years of freelance scripting, I decided I wanted to drop out of Rochester Institute of Technology and pursue software development full time. I did the (full stack) programming bootcamp App Academy where they focused on Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and Backbone.js. It was an amazing experience, and I learned a TON.

Today My favorite language is Ruby, but I also work heavily in Bash with a little bit of Groovy, Scala, and CoffeeScript sprinkled in. I'm a full stack engineer, but I am currently diving deep into the world of DevOps. I started DevOps on a team that build deployment orchestration infrastructure. As the sole DevOps memeber, I was responsible for our own deployments, coordinating with the teams that are deploying, and also fixing any issues as they popped up (which happened all the time). I am currently working on the containerization of Workday using Docker and Kubernetes where I containerize micro services, build automated patching infrastructure in Jenkins, and create supporting infrastructure for alerting and logging. Most of these efforts are company wide, so I coordinate with different teams around the globe daily.

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  • Danny is passionate in his work, upfront about his opinions, and an indispensable collaborative thinker. I have worked with him on several data normalization tools, a Japanese tokenizer, and a deployment orchestration tool. Some highlights: He rewrote a tag propagation algorithm within a semantic label learning system for a 20x improvement in model training speed. He advocated for stronger style guidelines and brought automated style checking to our builds. Finally, he's been indispensable in countless design discussions, from how best to implement a Lucene tokenizer in Scala, to what Nagios checks we need, to how we should approach specs.

    Danny is a very self-driven developer with an insatiable appetite for learning. Most recently, with no prior experience he drove the containerization of our application while performing nearly all the design and implementation himself. In the process he also brought the rest of the team, myself included, up to speed on Docker.

    In addition to being an Expert Ruby developer, Danny has demonstrated a strong sense of service ownership and willingness to get his hands dirty on the ops side of the house. I can always count on Danny to be the first to respond to incoming issues, and he takes care of everything from triage, to status updates for other teams, to postmortem, to following up and making our services more robust. I am no longer actively involved in most issues as I know I can count on Danny to run them from beginning to end. I count myself lucky to have worked with Danny, and I know he will make an excellent addition to any team.

    - Xiao Fan (Associate Software Development Manager at Workday)
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  • Backend: Ruby, Ruby on Rails
  • Frontend: JavaScript, Backbone.js, Marionette.js
  • Github: Click Here
  • Website: Click Here

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Chess for the command line!

This small chess application runs in your terminal window. It is fully featured including pawn promotion, castling, and en passant